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Now, without further ado, witness the majestical majesty of the answers to my citizenship test!

  1. 50. You don't know this, you die.
  2. 50. What a coincidence.
  3. Judicial, Executive, Legislative.
  4. The two seperate parts of the Legislature (Congress also accepted). Use your own discretion with this and all other open-ended questions. "Different types of squirrels" gets you no points and a bullet in the temple, while "Parts of the Legislative branch" or "the two elements in the bicameral institution that is Congress" will yeild full credit.
  5. 100 Senators, 435 Representatives.
  6. Checks and balances are devices used to restrict the power of different elements in a system, particularly an administrative system. a) Congress writes a bill, but the President must sign it before it is a law. b) The President appoints a Supreme Court Justice, but Congress must approve the nomination before the nominee is a judge. c) The House votes to impeach a civil official (such as the President), but the Senate must convict said official before the official is actually impeached. There are plenty of other answers, so look them up on the web (after you've written your answer down. Dirty cheater.)
  7. -Current Events-

  8. A really nasty hurricane that flooded the entire city of New Orleans and many other places in the "Deep South." (The term "really nasty" isn't mandatory. Use some common sense.)
  9. John Roberts and Harriet Miers are both nominees to be Supreme Court Justices. They are under review in Congress at the moment.
  10. Michael Brown was the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) director. Because he was horribly unequipped for the job (he was the head of the Arabian Horse Racing Association), he screwed the hell out of managing the Hurricane Katrina emergency. Jerk.
  11. The current US President (only for another two years and three months... how much more can he screw up. Knock on wood.) is George Walker Bush. His approval ratings are now below 40% (39% as of October 11th, 2005), so the answer is "No, they hate the crap out of him." It's approaching a record low for the U.S., so all he has to do is destroy another city and we're all set. (Note: the previous sentence is my cynicism, not part of the answer.)

And now, for what you should do with yourself after you count up your total points out of 14.

Author's note: I do not condone suicide at all. Don't really do it. I'm just trying to make a point here - a) Neo-Conservatives suck and b) it's really important to know about your own country. You live here, you say the pledge, you stand for the National Anthem, but it all means nothing if you don't know anything. I've always been firm believer in the idea that not only does education give you a future, but that ignorance leads down the path of the dark si... er... the "burger-flipper." Do you want to work at Micky D's for the rest of your life? I didn't think so. Learn about your country.